First aid champions

Create a new generation of lifesavers with your free British Red Cross first aid learning resource

10 Basic Life Skills to Teach Your Kids

Are you worried about how your child will fare in the outside world? Teaching your child essential life skills for kids will come in handy when they move out and must make their mark in the world.

ShelfWork Series: Life Skills Activities: Children Chores

In this video I show how you can teach children responsibility through chores around the home. Here I show daily tasks that my toddler does everyday to help instill a sense of order, organization and cleanliness.

Career and Life Skills Lessons

Browse through the Career and Life Skills youtube video to learn a range of different career and lifeskills.


5 day Self love challege worksheets

FREE At Home Activity Choice Board for Life Skills

Dad Lessons

Meet the dad who's teaching basic skills on YouTube for kids without a father figure
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