We are the

Lockdown Learner team

The Lockdown Learner platform was formed after an amazing response from our Facebook page, created between Ellen and Hayley, who were both very keen to support parents during lockdown. We identified that parents needed ideas and resources to not only help their children develop whilst being unable to attend school but to allow children the opportunity to further their knowledge by providing a huge range of learning resources that may not even be on their syllabus. By putting on their thinking caps, Ellen and Hayley were able to build this fantastic website offering these resources to help and support parents… absolutely FREE.

Resources sources from the internet

We don’t claim to be educators but with the lockdown in full swing we have identified lots of different resources and have pulled them together to make it easier for parents to find them.

Resources supplied by education professionals

When creating Team Parents Beat Lockdown we were very lucky to receive support from educational staff including professional teachers, who have been so kind to share some resources for us.

Third party links to learning platforms

We have gathered lots of online videos and web-links to useful platforms, allowing us to support parents with home learning. You will find lots of useful information in one place meaning you don’t have to waste time searching in different areas.

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